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Calling the Withdrawal Agreement, negotiated by the Barnier team on the EUI side and whomever was the flavor of the month on the UK side, as "May's deal" (it's not), is granting the hard Brexieers a major victory in allowing them to bend the narrative in their favor: this was the best way to get the deal soundly rejected; after all, everybody hates the woman.
by Bernard on Wed Apr 3rd, 2019 at 06:38:00 PM EST
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Yes and "everyone" hates "her" deal, because it exposes the UK's diminished bargaining power relative to the EU. The Brexiteers refer to it dismissively as May's deal as an argument in favour of their preferred no deal option. Remainers refer to it dismissively as May's deal as clearly inferior to the status quo. Remainers want it to be the alternate option to Remain in a binary referendum choice. Brexiteers are trying to delegitimize it entirely so that the default no deal Brexit comes to pass - or (worst case) becomes the alternate option to Remain in a binary choice referendum. (Apparently the poor people of the UK cannot be trusted to answer a multiple choice question in a referendum...)

We all know the deal was 95% drafted by Barnier's team (and this is reflected in the unanimous support it has received on the EU side). But to have any chance of getting it ratified, May had to take ownership of the deal - something she didn't do initially when she tried to resile from the Irish backstop before the ink was even dry on her agreement. Now, at least, she and almost everyone else have taken ownership of the Withdrawal Agreement. All the fuss is about the political declaration, which isn't even binding on either side...

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