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I read and re-read Narnia in middle school. Probably several times, enough to remember that I noticed that the books where Aslan was less present were the best ones.

Also I was intrigued by what I perceived as hints at deeper layers. Reading them to my kids I realise that it is simply Lewis borrowing from different mythologies (and not consistently either), with a wink and a nod for the adults. So I wasn't wrong, it was deeper layers, it is just layers of mythology older and outside Christianity.

I also usually always finish books, but I do remember trying to read The Three Musketeers in middle school. The  librarian did warn me that it could be to advanced, but than again it was people fighting with swords on the cover. Don't think I got through the first page, despite several attempts. First book I returned without having read, strange experience. I have doubled back and read it later, but at the time it was very confusing.

by fjallstrom on Sat Apr 13th, 2019 at 11:40:41 PM EST
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