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Shakespearean "The Anguish"

So May wants to talk a compromise deal with Labour and put forward to the EU Council a majority proposal to make adjustments to the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration of November 2018.

It is well known and many times reiterated by EU leaders and the negotiating team ... there is only one agreed upon Withdrawal Agreement and will not be open for any negotiations. Just kicking a beat-up can down Downing Street Way ... till the EU exasperates and a no-deal is the final outcome. I can barely listen or watch these actors in the House of Commons.

The world is not watching anymore ...

May to ask for short Brexit extension and reaches out to Labour | The Guardian |

"So today I am taking action to break the logjam: I am offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and to try to agree a plan that we would both stick to, to ensure that we leave the European Union and that we do so with a deal," she said.

"The ideal outcome of this process would be to agree an approach on a future relationship that delivers on the result of the referendum, that both the leader of the opposition and I could put to the house for approval, and which I could then take to next week's European council.

"However, if we cannot agree on a single unified approach, then we would instead agree a number of options for the future relationship that we could put to the house in a series of votes to determine which course to pursue."

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
by Oui on Tue Apr 2nd, 2019 at 09:41:33 PM EST

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