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True: advice and consent of the senate.

True: The Republican Party is in majority in the current senate. The majority controls confirmation AND senate rules, of which cloture, of which quorum, of which filibuster (indefinite debate delay to vote on) every bill referred to that chamber by the House. Confirmation of every executive (Art. II) and judiciary officer is one type of bill, a resolution. Controlling authority originates in the senate per the US Constitution.

True: the Democratic Party agreed to alter senate rules, ostensibly to facilitate confirmation of Obama admin nominees. In fact, alteration of the rules did not subsequently favor confirmation of the backlog of Obama Art.III nominees, because the Republican Party was in majority of both chambers for the duration of his 2nd term.

In fact, before the "Reid Rule" (simple majority, "nuclear option") was agree in the senate (2013), Reid personally read every provision of the PPACA as amendments to a high way appropriation bill, passed by the House, in order to circumvent Republican and Democratic opposition to it in both chambers. That is what Obama signed before the bill was even passed conformed bi-cameral conforming committee.

In fact, Democratic senators have not impeded confirmation of Trump nominees to date. That is not bleeing news. McConnell has now invoked the "nuclear option" for the press merely to clear procedural schedule and, quite possibly, to emphasize the party's dominance over both chambers.

The Democratic Party has been infested for a long time with self-servin sumbitches who understand only one political instrument: patronage. That corporation is not an political party in opposition to faction.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 at 01:26:00 PM EST
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