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I could ever offer Frank. Although the Sheela A Gig is from a very different age and source than the gargoyles.

The Dark Ages - superstition, hags, witches, wolves, the black death, sickness, ancient rituals, Christian churches, local culture incorporated to ease transition to religion of a deity, mono theocracy ...

The Sheela Na Gig Project
Researching Sheela Na Gig Sculptures in the UK

It appears a thing that has found a base in Ireland. Puritism is something Victorian that has conquered the New World. A single word comes to my mind: hypocrisy.

A lot is being written about populism in politics ... a new rising star in The Netherlands: Thierry Baudet. A group of followers has a knack with the Renaissance ... a link that is way above my pay grade. ;)

In recent days ther seems to be a sudden coverage of the Italian Renaissance and the Medici family. A coincidence?

Second man's criticism of Thierry Baudet indicates dissatisfaction with party direction | NRC |

The Renaissance Institute is the recently established "Think Tank" of Forum for Democracy. Under this name, FvD not only wants to organize summer and winter schools, conferences and lectures, but also subsidize young researchers, documentary makers and journalists. Fascists try - as the history books say - "to achieve their goal through indoctrination through the press, radio, film, education and youth organization; intimidation and terror; secret police; concentration camps; fighters and partisan case law. Given the ideas of FvD, it is justified to look at their Renaissance Institute through this lens.

Is Dutch Bad Boy Thierry Baudet the New Face of the European Alt-Right? | The Nation |

Italian Renaissance in the Greatest Artists ...

The Renaissance Nude

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.

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