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What are reasons for different results regarding association between status and reproduction in modern humans obtained by social scientists? ... If personal income [!] is used as a status indicator [sic] then the association [sic] between status and reproductive output [sic] is clearly positive for men and null or negative for women. The picture is less clear, however, if education* is used as an indicator. Here, the association ranges from slightly positive to null or even negative for men. In modern [!] women ...
*"educational attainment", ie. years of school enrollment per person, is a demographic trait captured for statistical descriptions of functioning political economy by population; an intangible good frequently compared to avg expense, or capital investment, in public education per capita attributable to real property in aggregate, capital accumulation. NB. personal income is not heritable and is not normally defined as an economic resource or store of value, ergo is neither a reliable symbol of "status" nor criterion for longitudinal study of selection and outcome, regardless of individual sex (or gender) assignment. Firstly, "modern" human reproductive strategy is a group enterprise.

Several ill-defined assumptions appearing in that excerpt were discussed or elaborated on in this sub-thread "Recession alert by fertility", coincidentally started 26 Feb 2018.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon May 6th, 2019 at 02:59:54 AM EST
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