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Everybody knew there was going to be bother in the North
The events which were to culminate in the killing of Lyra McKee began with plans for a commemoration of the Easter Rising.

Saoradh, widely taken to be the political wing of the New IRA, had announced a march from the Creggan to the Republican plot in Derry city cemetery on Easter Monday for the traditional reading of the Proclamation, a message from the movement's "military" leadership, a rendition of the national anthem.

If the march had gone ahead it wouldn't have attracted a big crowd - a colour party in combat fatigues, a band piping rebel tunes, a straggle of followers, mostly young. A couple of hundred souls at most. In other circumstances, hardly anybody would have noticed.

The march would have been illegal. To have asked Stormont's parades commission via the Police Service of Northern Ireland, as required in law, for permission to march to the republican plot at Easter would have been seen and felt by Saoradh as shameful.

The PSNI will have been aware that if they weren't seen to make a determined effort to stop the march, they would be lashed by every unionist party and faction in the land.

Everybody knew there was going to be bother. In the days leading up to Lyra's death, there was a shimmer of anxiety in parts of the town. The bother, as always, would more or less exclusively have involved young people.

Eamonn McCann is an Irish politician, journalist and political activist from Derry, Northern Ireland. In the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election, he was elected as an MLA for the Foyle constituency. He is therefore well placed to report on feelings in the republician community in Derry.

Meanwhile, Arlene Foster says Lyra McKee's death was not caused by political vacuum. Not my fault, Guv. Sorry, Arlene, but you are the biggest, single, fault of the vaccum. You and that band of extreme Brexiteers of yours...

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