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An abreviated version of an earlier draft of my letter to the Editor has been published by the Irish Independent.

Letters to the Editor: 'For many spectators, claims about 'Little Leo' damaging Brexit are bordering on ridiculous'

In my more idle moments, I sometimes spend time perusing the online editions of right-wing UK publications such as 'The Spectator'. There you will live in an alternative factual universe, where poor Britain is set upon by an evil EU, and worse still, is betrayed by its supposed allies. Chief culprit, these days, seems to be the Republic of Ireland, which has been set upon an anti-British course by its demonic leader Leo Varadkar.

"Little Leo" (who stands 1.94 metres tall), stands accused of "do[ing] anything to suck up to the top gang in the EU playground..." and giving a "calculated two fingers to Brexit Britain" by applying for observer status at the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie rather than rejoining the British Commonwealth.

In doing so, Ireland is joining a group of "flimsily connected" countries with "deplorable human rights records" and "French-speaking crooks", some of whom appeared "at the bottom of every global corruption index" - in contrast to the Commonwealth where Irish athletes could win "hatfuls of medals" at the Commonwealth Games.

In vain one might point out that most Irish people would have no difficulty in rejoining the Commonwealth as part of a settlement to reassure unionists in a future united Ireland, but there is no pressing reason to do so now. However, 'The Spectator' does not allow reader's comments. Like a Victorian child, you might be seen, but you certainly should not be heard. Indeed, I am indebted to 'The Spectator' for informing me that Ireland has in fact sought observer status at the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie as this had not previously come to my attention.

I doubt too many in Ireland will lose much sleep over it, even if some members have regrettable human rights records. Observer status doesn't give you much in the way of rights to tell others how to run their countries, something 'The Spectator' still seems to regard as its birth right.

The next gem I came across was Liam Halligan's "Leo Varadkar has done his absolute best to damage Brexit", in which he enumerates the various ways in which closet Remainer politicians, traitorous civil servants, an overwhelmingly pro-Remain media and self-interested businessmen have sought to frustrate the noble ideals of Brexit. But worst of all is the subterfuge of Varadkar, who has abandoned the constructive approach of his predecessor, Enda Kenny, and, wait for it, politicised the Irish Border issue. Who knew that an international boundary between EU and non-EU members states could be political? Who knew that the creation of a Border which caused a civil war in Ireland in 1922 and led to the Troubles in the North up until 1998, would be a matter of concern to the Irish Government?

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