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Insofar as one can draw more general inferences from these results, we can observe some trends:

  1. Obituaries for Europe's centre left are premature. The centre left also came out on top in the recent Swedish and Finnish elections. Centre Left parties are also polling well in Portugal, Denmark and the UK where elections are due or may very well be called soon.

  2. Centre right parties which seek to foil the emergence of far right nationalist parties by moving sharply right look destined to fail. Partido Popular follows in the footsteps of Mark Rutte's centre right VVD party, which lost out to the far right FvD, and the Bavarian CSU which lost out to the AfD despite a sharp turn right in their rhetoric.

  3. Conservative voters seem to be splitting between (older) pro-business establishment types, and quite radical (younger) far right nationalists more concerned with social, religious, racial and identity issues.

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