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Spain's socialist PSOE party mulls next move after victory without majority
José Luis Ábalos, Spain's public works minister, said there would be no deal with the Catalan Republican Left, which won 15 seats in the election.

"We said we wouldn't go there and we're not going to," he told Telecinco. Abalos also said the PSOE "isn't in a rush to make a government deal at the moment", adding that it was instead focusing on programmes and proposals.

Another plan would be to hope that the Catalan separatists will agree to abstain in the second round of an investiture vote in parliament, allowing Sánchez back into office with a simple majority.

Buoyed by the party's success, grassroots PSOE supporters are unlikely to back any deal with the centre-right Citizens party, led by Albert Rivera, even though it would yield 180 seats.

As Sánchez appeared at the party's Madrid base following his victory, supporters chanted: "Not with Rivera".

The Citizens leader firmly ruled out backing the PSOE during the campaign, and may well prefer to remain in opposition in the hope of taking advantage of the PP's woeful results to position his party as the dominant voice of the Spanish right.

I doubt much will happen before the EP elections...

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