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The total PSOE+PP+CID+POD+VOX + the Catalonia Independents is 327 seats. Not sure where the remaining 23 seats are going to; some smaller parties, like the Basque nationalists, probably.

Commenters this side of the Pyrénées speculated yesterday that even though the PSOE was expected to come ahead, a PP+CID+VOX coalition for the government was the most likely outcome. I guess the better than expected showing of the Socialists is giving them an edge now.

by Bernard on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 at 01:24:54 PM EST
Yes the other 23 seats go to other regional parties plus 1 for the Greens.

If Sanchez wants an overall majority he needs to bring Podemus plus either the Republican Left of Catalonia party on board (for a total of 280 sets) or a plethora of other regional parties to make up at least 276 sets.

On the other hand he can choose to govern as a minority government and hope that opposition disunity keeps him in power.

Another alternative to a formal coalition is the Irish model of a "confidence and supply" agreement with specific parties whereby they support him in confidence and budget votes but retain some independence on other issues.

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