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Boeing CEO Defends Safety Record Amid 2 Deadly Crashes

Quite stupid of this man ... the bad news will stay on for another news cycle ... 24 hours!

'Chain of events'

Facing shareholders and the press for the first time since the Ethiopian Airlines tragedy, Mr Muilenburg said that both accidents occurred because of faulty data from a sensor which triggered the plane's Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS).


In a later statement, Boeing then said: "The disagree alert was intended to be a standard, stand-alone feature on Max airplanes. However, the disagree alert was not operable on all airplanes because the feature was not activated as intended.

"The disagree alert was tied or linked into the angle of attack indicator, which is an optional feature on the Max. Unless an airline opted for the angle of attack indicator, the disagree alert was not operable."

It said that once the 737 Max 8 returns to the skies, it will "have an activated and operable disagree alert and an optional angle of attack indicator".

Boeing says it didn't 'intentionally' deactivate safety alert on 737 Max jet

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Confirmed today!

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