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In the US the right-wing influence in the Republican Party grew in State elections and for governorships. The massive gains by Tea Party candidates forced a change in nationwide election campaigns and made the success of a nitwit like Donald Trump possible. Nobody wanted Trump, but now the GOP welcomes his "success" in cutting tax rates for the wealthy and the profits for corporations as the DOW soares to record highs. No one is talking federal debt as the monetary policy keeps the Fed rates at an all-time low.

Did you miss it? After the failed candidacy of Herman Cain for a seat on the Fed, Trump has proposed Stephen Moore for that very seat. Just unbelievable ... Trump does all that God forbids ... sorry I forgot, God is owned by the Evangelical preachers across the Wild West and Red states.

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Send in the clowns
Bruce Eberle & Club for Growth, the Tom DeLays, Grover Norquist, and Richard Viguerie

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Club for Growth - Grover Norquist and Stephen Moore - Eberle Communications

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