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Not a single partner in EU or UK wants the Brits to participate in the EU elections of May 23. The election would be a farce and cause immeasureable damage to the EU project. I see a decision taken this month. :)

On the quiet, UK prepares for 'zombie' European elections


Yet both the ruling Conservatives and the main opposition Labour Party are keeping quiet about any campaign plans, wary of how voters might respond.

Zombie election

May has previously said it would be "unacceptable" to ask Britons to take part in the elections three years after they voted to leave the European Union. Her spokesman emphasised that once called, Britain could still cancel the polls up until 22 May if it has secured a deal to leave the EU by then.

This would cause anger in Brussels, not least because 27 of Britain's 73 MEPs have already been reallocated to other countries. And it leaves Conservative candidates in the unenviable position of asking voters to back them in an election they themselves do not want, and still may not happen.

    In June last year, the European Council adopted a new reform aimed at adapting the EU parliament to life after Brexit, abolishing 46 of the UK's 73 European parliamentary seats - the remaining seats would be redistributed among the EU states that feel underrepresented in Brussels. France and Spain would be the big winners under the new reform, with five extra MEPs each, while Italy and the Netherlands would get three and Ireland two. Nine other member states would get one each.

Brexit a 'Shitshow' Says German Foreign Minister Ahead of EU Elections

Global Warming - distance between America and Europe is steadily increasing.
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