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The last 5% on the poll row, is presumably other. While it can be hiding different parties, presumably it is mostly Brexit party. Still UKIP plus Brexit party is smaller than UKIP was in 2014.

Still early, but would be amusing to watch Farange's expression if his old wreck of a party beats his new one on name recognition. Party name, that is.

by fjallstrom on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 at 06:17:31 PM EST
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Don't forget the Independent group, who also don't appear to be polling well.

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by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 at 06:32:27 PM EST
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I had indeed forgotten about TInGe!

Maybe the voters has too?

by fjallstrom on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 at 06:38:43 PM EST
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