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This is one of those situations where opinion polling is probably pretty meaningless as it relates to an election most people believed would never happen. However fwiw these are the % support figures for various parties at the end of March in the then hypothetical situation of the EP elections happening in the UK = compared to the 2014 election out turn.

2019 Poll
Date(s)       Sample    UKIP     Lab     Con   Lib Dem  Green  SNP  Plaid Cymru Others    

28-30 Mar     2,008     18%     30%     24%     10%     8%     4%     1%        5%    
22 May 2014     2014 EU election (GB) Results    
             16,017,366  27.5%  25.4%  23.9%   6.6%   7.7%*  2.4%  0.7%    

As can be seen from the above, the starting position for the campaigns indicated a significant decline for UKIP and gain for Labour and Lib Dems with everything else within the margin of error.

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