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The BBC sez Tusk likes the idea.

"The EU may well be more receptive, though, to the idea of a get-out clause: it would mean that if a deal were to be approved by MPs and ratified earlier, the UK could leave the EU straightaway. That would suit both sides, and it's another idea that Donald Tusk has been promoting behind the scenes."
by asdf on Fri Apr 5th, 2019 at 04:51:07 PM EST
Tusk need to be careful - last time the EU Council took over and drafted the response to the UK themselves, and more tightly than Tusk wanted. This time around French diplomats are already accusing some EU spokespeople of being clumsy. Granting an A.50 extension is a prerogative of the Council as a whole, acting unanimously, and there is no guarantee they will follow Tusk's line.

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