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16 April 2019

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Appreciating Indonesia's Democratic Election, 16 April
historiography: "Indonesia will hold its first ever concurrent presidential and legislative elections on 17 April 2019 -the largest single-day election in the world"; mlitary "dual function"; "trifecta crisis" and "basket case", 1998+, Reformasi; direct election transision 2014

Some overseas Indonesians may vote again after fraud claim

ndonesia's Election Supervision Agency said Tuesday about 320,000 overseas voters in neighboring Malaysia's biggest city should vote again in presidential and legislative elections after finding evidence that postal ballots had been tampered with.
Indonesia's Widodo looks set for election victory - challenger says no, 17 Apr
Indonesian President Joko Widodo appeared set for a second term as "quick count" results from Wednesday's election rolled in, but his challenger claimed that he had won the popular vote and urged supporters not to let his victory be snatched away.
But Prabowo, a former son-in-law of military strongman Suharto who was overthrown in 1998, told a news conference that - based on internal exit polls and "quick count" numbers - his campaign believed his share of the vote was in a 52-54 percent range. ...In 2014, Prabowo had also claimed victory on election day, before contesting the results at the Constitutional Court, which confirmed Widodo's win.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.
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