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Journalist Killed as Riot Breaks Out in Northern Ireland
The riot broke out after police raided a housing estate [one building? or more?] known for its ties to dissidents affiliated with the New Irish Republican Army, a militant group seeking to push the United Kingdom out of Northern Ireland
"We believe this to be a terrorist act. We believe it's been carried out by violent dissident republicans," [Assistant Chief Constable Mark] Hamilton said in a televised news conference Friday. "Our assessment at this time would be that the New IRA are most likely to be the ones behind this."
Saoradh [a "radical" political party] called the police raid an "incursion" and part of "a campaign of oppression" against republicans in Derry. It said that republicans were victims of state violence and that police had been warned that actions in Creggan would "be met with resistance, as has historically been the case." Politicians expressed outrage.
Watch: Police investigating murder of Lyra McKee release CCTV footage of gunman
republicans shooting republicans rousted from beds, of course; also two "teenage" suspects apprehended.

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