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Empirical evidence in O-I Psychology: needs more fMRI, possibly AI

PNAS | The mixed effects of online diversity training

We present the results of a large field experiment* with an international organization testing whether a short online diversity training can affect attitudes and workplace behaviors.
Recent meta-analyses* suggest that diversity training can be effective with stronger effects on cognitive learning and weaker effects on attitudinal and behavioral measures, albeit with significant heterogeneity (6⇓-8).
"women and minorities" edition
Racial bias** acknowledgment.

We also asked participants questions about perceptions of their own bias and their perceptions of other people's biases with regards to racial stereotyping. The questions we asked were as follows: "To what extent do you believe that you exhibit racial stereotyping?" and "To what extent do you believe that the average person exhibits racial stereotyping?" Participants responded to each question on a scale from 1 (Not at all) to 7 (Very Much). We again calculated the difference between these two items to measure participants' willingness to acknowledge that their own racial biases may match those of the general population.

* a "webinar"; ** here, propounding personal prejudice, "stereotyping", "profiling" rather than research sampling errors

Finally Some Robust [not really] Research Into Whether "Diversity Training" Actually Works - Unfortunately It's Not Very Promising
critique of survey design and results, not "self-selection"

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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