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Trump 'giving strong considerations' to releasing ICE detainees 'in sanctuary cities only'
The strategy was rejected twice in the past year by the Department of Homeland Security.
< pick teeth, suck vigorously >
Pelosi on Friday told reporters that the plan was "just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the United States and disrespectful, the challenges we face as a country, as a people to address who we are -- a nation of immigrants*."

Trump's decision to revive the proposal reflects a growing sense of desperation within the administration over the rising number of migrant families arriving at the southern border to seek asylum.

smells like "pro-life" moralizing to me: starts with, ends with unconditional FREEDOM
Several of Trump's attempts to detain and deter the asylum seekers have been struck down by courts in recent weeks. Most recently, a federal judge last week ruled that the Trump administration cannot force asylum seekers to remain on the Mexican side of the border while awaiting an asylum hearing in the United States.

This stark reversal of policy reflects the dearth of ideas within the White House as to how to confront the migration crisis on both a policy level and a political one.

What crisis? Refugees don't need not stinkin' asylum policy ... or segregated "sanctuary".

* correct locution historically is "slaves," "servants," or "guest workers"; Please make a note of it.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Fri Apr 12th, 2019 at 06:56:40 PM EST
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