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USAToday | Inside Trump administration's mysterious plan to secure a 2020 census citizenship question
The district court judges stopped short of speculating on Ross' motivations, but there could have been several:

- Voting Rights Act enforcement: The question would arm Justice Department officials with data on where noncitizens live, which could help them determine that minorities comprise not just a majority of people but a majority of eligible voters in a particular district.

No. The odious really couldn't give a damn anymore. Waning protests against states' tests of ID and signatures, for example, is the direct result of the SCOTUS ruling of Shelby vs. Holder [US Atty General, Eric] (2013) which dispensed with § 4, §5 of the act of 1965, authorizing fed surveillance of states' violations against and remedies benefiting black voters, the largest ethnic minority of eligible voters in the USfuckingA. Enter 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, "diversifying" the electorate.
-Congressional apportionment: The question would reduce census response rates among noncitizens, which could cost California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois and Arizona seats in Congress.

-Redistricting: Information on noncitizens would help state legislatures that seek to restrict voting rights, such as Texas and North Carolina, to draw new districts in 2022 based on citizen voting-age population, rather than total population. The states could pack more people into districts with greater non-voting residents, diminishing their representation.

Enter Census of 1970, 1980, "Reagan Democrats": Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 a/k/a the "Amnesty Act" of the 99th Congress (1985-1986), less so, the mother of all DACA drama.
House:(D) 254/speaker Tip O'Neill, (R) 181; H.R. 3810 roll call #457 (230-166)
Senate:(D) 48, (R) 52; S. 1200 roll call #191 (69-30)

The odious front-loaded the electorate with naive cohorts along side 15th Amd. VRA and CRA remedies for certain disenfranchised citizens, then tried to clean up. Notice the count discrepancies, abstentions. The bill was extremely contentious in its time, so much so one may imagine WHY LOC has since limited web search of Recorded Votes to a rolling set, current session (116th) - 15. That is how to control information and knowledge of government, not to mention one's part in it or the Census, Department of Commerce.

No questions in the press feature, no problems about the legitimacy of collecting name, "race or ethnicity," SS#, or income bracket, lo, these many decades. What a mystery!

USAToday | The dark side of the American dream is killing white men
featuring the limited vocabulary of the civic-minded human rights "activist"

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Re: It's all Pelosi's fault anyway...
"Electoral votes are allocated among the states based on the Census."
So I get into the hot, NEW! Census Bureau website design

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sat Apr 13th, 2019 at 05:12:42 PM EST
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