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As census approaches, many Arab Americans feel left out
Yousuf Abdelfatah already knows the answer he'll give about his race on the 2020 census questionnaire will be wrong.

He's an Arab American, but the only race options on the census are white, black, Asian and categories for American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander. Reluctantly, Abdelfatah will mark white.

Would it be TOO MUCH TROUBLE for a reporter to locate or reproduce the actual racist survey instrument mailed to all households by the US gov for 2010 Census? Would it be TOO MUCH TROUBLE for a reporter to consult OMB public memorandum, classifying fed gov "race and ethnicity".
"If you look at me, my skin is darker, I'm visibly [!] not white," said the 22-year-old research assistant. "I've lived my life as a person of color, but I'm categorized as white."
There is no such race category in USA. In the 80s, responding to agitated persons speaking Spanish, OMB developed questionnaire "content" to capture respondents' ethnicities (country of origin and dominant language) which is about the same time, idiomatically, persons with distinctive "immigrant" heritage began hyphenating US nationality. Since Census 2010 respondents have earned even more opportunities to express "intersectional" race and ethnicity identity!
"Right now we have that 'white' designation on paper but we don't benefit [!] from it," said 24-year-old activist and organizer Naia Al-Anbar. "The truth is we aren't ever going to be white in their eyes and we will still be discriminated against."
Congratulations! More semitic language speakers than ever -whether European, Middle Eastern, and North African heritage-- are compering for "diversity" grants and rare employment opportunities reserved for Women and minorities, although mutually exclusive classes of "protected persons" leave many youngsters uncertain which combination of identity is most advantageous. The least advantageous is a no brainer.
This question would discourage 30% of Arab Americans from taking the survey, a study by the American-Arab Anti-Defamation Committee found.
Keep up the great work chasing your tail. Oppose discrimination. But don't give up racism! Embrace it. Stroke it. Someday you, and only you, will receive personalized access to the top quintile and AI-calculated Freedom to Be A Productive Citizen from the Hamilton! Memorial Manumission Society.

## Misplaced precision

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sat Apr 13th, 2019 at 11:37:58 PM EST
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