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Sri Lanka bombings: funerals and burials begin
"The attacks are the worst ever against Sri Lanka's small Christian minority. The country's deputy defence minister said the initial investigation shows the bombings were in 'retaliation' for shootings at two New Zealand mosques last month. GEMUNU AMARASINGHE/AP"
Sri Lanka bomb blasts HIGHLIGHTS
"Another explosion went off on Monday in a van near a church in Colombo when a squad of Special Task Force (STF) and air force were trying to diffuse the bomb, Reuters reported. The Sri Lanka Police also found 87 bomb detonators at Colombo main bus station, a day after the island nation was shaken by serial blasts killing 290 people and wounding 500 others. "
Sri Lanka Blasts: Over 320 Dead, Hundreds Wounded on Easter Sunday
Among the dead are almost 40 foreigners including three Danish citizens, two Turkish citizens, three Britons and two individuals holding joint United States and British citizenship, as well as Indians and Portuguese. [...] The scale of the bloodshed recalled the worst days of the nation's 26-year civil war, in which the Tamil Tigers, a rebel group from the ethnic Tamil minority, sought independence from Sri Lanka, a Buddhist-majority country. During the war, the Tigers and other rebels carried out a multitude of bombings. The Tamils are Hindu, Muslim and Christian.
Sri Lanka bombings: Retaliation for Christchurch mosque shootings, minister says
The preliminary investigations have revealed that what happened in Sri Lanka was in retaliation for the attack against Muslims in Christchurch," [deputy defense minister] Ruwan Wijewardene told lawmakers on Tuesday without offering additional evidence to support his claim. [...] A "foreign intelligence agency" had reported that the National Thowfeek Jamaath were preparing suicide bombings on churches, with Sri Lankan defense ministry alerting the police chief in early April and the police then passing the information to top security officials in the judiciary and diplomatic security.
Isis claims responsibility for Easter Sunday bombings

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Two Chines nationals reported dead in Sri Lanka Easter bombings
"China is the second biggest source of tourists for Sri Lanka. Last year, about 265,000 visitors came from the mainland, or about 11.5 per cent of total tourists, according to the Sri Lankan Tourist Development Authority."

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[US] Ambassador: US had no prior knowledge of Sri Lanka threat
"As the investigation into ["a local Islamic extremist group called National Towheed Jamaar"]-claimed attack continues, FBI agents and U.S. military personnel are in Sri Lanka assisting the probe, Ambassador Alaina Teplitz said."

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Canned tomatoes
"During a televised speech to the nation Tuesday night, President Maithripala Sirisena said he would change the head of the defense forces within 24 hours, and on Wednesday he asked for the resignations of the defense secretary and national police chief in a dramatic internal shake-up. He did not say who would replace them."
President gives firm assurance of curtailing terrorism and bring back normalcy swiftly

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Constitutional crisis just last year in Sri Lanka ....
https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/south-asia/sri-lanka-president-maithripala-sirisena-sacks-prime-mi nister-ranil-wickremesinghe

'Sapere aude'
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At least 15 dead as forces raid jihadist* hideout in eastern Sri Lanka town
The shootout between troops and suspected Islamist militants erupted on Friday evening in Sainthamaruthu in Ampara, to the south of the town of Batticaloa, site of one of the Easter Sunday blasts at three churches and four luxury hotels.
The government has said nine homegrown, well-educated suicide bombers carried out the Easter Sunday attacks, eight of whom had been identified. One was a woman.

Police said on Friday they were trying to track down 140 people they believe have links with the Islamic State group, which claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings.

* This is an interesting choice in diction, sensitive to incomplete and controversial intelligence offered by Sri Lanka authorities to domestic and foreign journalists as well as *-Eng. connotations to terms, jihad(ist) (historical) and "islamist" (adversarial), respecting domestic and foreign PR interpreters. The distinction is not trivial. Joseph Kenny OP, The Spread of Islam (medieval north and west Africa)

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Migrants fearful after hundreds arrested in Mexico raid
"Mexican officials said last month they would try to contain migrants in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico's narrowest stretch and the easiest to control. Pijijiapan is not far from the isthmus' narrowest point, in neighboring Oaxaca [!] state." uh oh.

2006 - present: Oaxaca state of emergency
2006 | The new attack
2015 | U.S. Issues "Emergency Message" As Protests Escalate In Mexico's Oaxaca State
2018 | Mexico Declares State of Emergency in 33 Oaxaca Municipalities

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Over 1,000 migrants break out of southern Mexico detention center
More than half of the roughly 1,300 migrants later returned to the Siglo XXI facility in the border city of Tapachula in Chiapas state, but about 600 are still unaccounted for, the National Migration Institute said in a statement. Migrants from Cuba, who make up the majority of the people being held at the center, were largely behind the breakout, the institute added. Mexican newspaper Reforma reported ["Huyen migrantes de estación en Chiapas" A/V, ES] that Haitians and Central Americans were also among those who fled ...

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Pentagon to expand mission on US-Mexico border, allow some troops direct contact with migrants
300 additional active-duty troops providing food, transportation [!], lawyers to migrants, DHS
The new deployment will bring the number of active-duty troops operating along the southern border in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to about 3,200. Another roughly 2,000 National Guard troops are also serving deployments along the border in a separate, but related, mission to support Customs and Border Protection agents.

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French intelligence summons journalists after release of classified report on arms in Yemen
The 15-page report (EN) by France's DRM(Direction du renseignement militaire) military intelligence agency showed that French arms, including tanks and laser-guided missile systems sold to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are being used by a Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.
The document - which was intended to be seen by French President Emmanuel Macron and only a small handful of ministers - was leaked to the independent investigative website Disclose, which published it in full on April 15, thereby drawing a new round of publicscrutiny of French involvement in the war in Yemen.
< pick teeth, suck vigorously >

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Sputnik is funded in part or in whole by Russia government.

'Thought Police'? French Journalists Face Legal Threat for 'Doing Their Jobs'
Third-party sources' links embedded, notably Solidarité avec nos confrères de Disclose et Radio France, Transparency International (2016!), and Allo Place Beauvau beside facsimile of communique commun de redactions (summons) received by Disclose 24 April.

ubn warned

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Britain to allow Huawei restricted access to 5G network, 24 April
Britain's National Security Council, chaired by Prime Minister Theresa May, met to discuss Huawei on Tuesday. Britain will block Huawei from all core parts of the 5G network and access to non-core parts would be restricted, two security sources told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

"It's essential that we get the balance right, ensuring that our networks are built in a way that is secure against interference from whatever source, but also are competitive," said Britain's finance minister, Philip Hammond.

PROBE: UK defense minister Gavin Williamson sacked over Huawei leak, 1 May
In a letter to Williamson, May said that the PROBE "provides compelling evidence suggesting your responsibility for the unauthorized disclosure."
Shortly after the news broke, Williamson released a statement where he "emphatically" denied any involvement in the leak and said that a formal inquiry "would have vindicated my position."

The British government announced that Penny Mordaunt will be replacing Williamson as defense minister. She previously served as the minister for international development and is a reservist with the Royal Navy. Prisons minister Rory Stewart has been appointed to replace Mordaunt.

Britain's compromise could provide a template for other Western nations to follow as they try to navigate the row between Beijing and Washington.

The world's leading intelligence-sharing network - the anglophone Five Eyes alliance of the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand - will not use technology from Huawei in its most sensitive networks, a U.S. official said.

U.S. prosecutors seek to disqualify Huawei defense lawyer: filing invisible ink, 2 May
The lawyer, James Cole, was the [deputy attorney general] at the Justice Department between 2011 and 2015, a period  [Obama admin] when the United States was obtaining information on how Huawei might have been doing business in Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions.

The government did not make public why it is seeking to remove Cole from the case. In a letter to the court, prosecutors said they had filed a sealed, classified motion to disqualify Cole and expected to file a public version by May 10.

Huawei CFO Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou: Free Carlos Ghosn!
Cole entered a not guilty plea on behalf of ["]the company["] and its U.S. subsidiary on March 14 in Brooklyn.

The crux of the case is that Meng and Huawei allegedly conspired to defraud [?!] HSBC Holdings Plc [UK] and other banks by misrepresenting Huawei's relationship with Skycom Tech Co Ltd, a suspected front company that operated in Iran. [...] U.S. prosecutors said last month they planned to use information about Huawei obtained through secret surveillance [mwhahaha] in the case.

In March, Reuters detailed how U.S. authorities secretly tracked Huawei's activities, including by collecting information copied from electronic devices carried by Chinese telecom executives traveling through airports.

I wouldn't turn my back on a one of them in broad daylight.

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