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archived: Some good news from the US , Nov 2017
The other most-noted story was Philadelphia District Attorney's race, in which the Unelectable Larry Krasner, a career defense attorney and critic of mass incarceration who supports Black Lives Matter and the ACLU, beat the Republican candidate by 40 percentage points.
Krasner fights new Mumia Abu-Jamal appeal, 25 Jan 2019
"He declined to comment on the decision." Pwnd shake fists of fury.
Break in Mumia case opens road for appeal, April 2019
[Common Pleas* Court Judge Leon] Tucker shattered Krasner's argument, explaining that former DA Castille gave the appearance of bias not only because of his prior role as district attorney but also because of his pro-death penalty statements, ties to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), and lobbying for speedy death penalties in capital cases involving the murder of police officers.
DA Krasner Drops Challenge, 2 May, A/V (EN), transcript
features Michael Schiffmann, University of Heidelberg

General Assembly
House: 93 (D), 1 (VACANT), 109 (R); Fun Fact: $86,478/year salary
Senate: 21 (D), 3 (VACANT), 26 (R)
MarchonHarrisburg: Ending corruption in Pennsylvania, one issue at a time.
63 chamber slaves of the patriarchy
36 (D), 28 (R)
wut: On 1st day, Pa. House's only Muslim woman deals with 'blatant Islamophobia'
* A Pennsyltucky specialty, not to be confused with, say, NY Court of Claims

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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