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Ebola outbreak deaths top 1,000 in Congo amid clinic attacks
More [1,008] people have died from Ebola in eastern Congo since August May 2018, the country's health minister said Friday as hostility toward health workers continues to hamper efforts to contain the second-deadliest outbreak of the virus.
escalation, morbidity & mortality, vectors, vaccine efficacy
[Rebel violence] also has prevented vaccination teams from getting to some areas, further limiting the health response. Still, more than 109,000 people have received an [one? which one?] experimental but effective Ebola vaccine. Ryan said authorities are looking at introducing another one [?].
Security Council Report | MONUSCO renewal 31 Mar, 28 Feb 2019
At press time, over 800 people had been infected, resulting in at least 546 deaths, and about 80,000 people had been vaccinated.
a massacre in December 2018 in which at least 890 people were killed in four villages in Yumbi territory, Mai-Ndombe province, in the west of the country, apparently in clashes between the Banunu and Batende communities. On 13 February, the DRC army announced it had arrested 15 people for alleged complicity in the killings.
CSR | Democratic Republic of Congo: Background and US Relations, 30 Apri. 2019

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198 confirmed dead, "four experimental Ebola drugs", 37K vaccinated
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278 confirmed dead, rVSV-ZEBOV + mAb114 + PRv1 + 1 NEW!
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DRC-Rwanda-Uganda-S. Sudan-Burundi border"screening"


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