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Federal court strikes down Michigan districts drawn by GOP
The League of Women Voters and some Democrats had challenged the state's 162 legislative and congressional districts, but the final suit only targeted 34 of those districts. Michigan has 14 congressional districts.
[US District Court] found that all nine of the challenged congressional districts are unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders "because they dilute the views of Democratic voters." The court reached the same conclusion for seven state Senate districts and 11 state House districts.
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in two partisan gerrymandering cases last month and is expected to issue rulings at the end of June.
Michigan judges urge Supreme Court to curb partisan gerrymandering
Justices have appeared wary of empowering courts to decide if political districts are too partisan, but judges who barred continued use of Michigan maps used part of their 146-page decision to make the case for intervention.
"Federal courts' failure to protect marginalized voters' constitutional rights will only increase the citizenry's growing disenchantment with, and disillusionment in, our democracy, further weaken our democratic institutions, and threaten the credibility of the judicial branch."
Michigan political maps illegally rigged to 'historical proportions', 2020 shake up, details

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[Congressional Representatives] urge Supreme Court to leave redistricting to Congress
Are they mental?

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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