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"Democratic 'gangs' vs. Orangemen 'nativists'"
This last link is pertinent reading, in light of RTE headline news. The historical episode and setting described is no hagiographic display of The American Immigrant Experience. It is but one print from the plate of criminology "transported" from Old World to the new submerged in The Dream. Now I was going to let slide this RTE reporter's derogatory, faintly racist and ignorant epitome of civil disturbance in the US in consideration (read: value) of Mr NEESOM's pathetic sacrifice on behalf of NI prisoners and a host of his "followers", attesting to his indiscriminate sexual prowess. But I've detected over a decade of reading the several papers a pattern of obdurant prejudices I can no longer leave untreated. It presents in the public record's inability to reconcile the facts in hand --not over here, but over there in the event of momentary but pronounced incontinence. Here the patina of violence abandoned in the rise of Anglo-Irish respectability is a trivial matter, something to burnish before Sunday.

It's unclear if he was the intended target, but he was an associate of a gang member and that was good enough for the attacker. He was shot twice, in the shoulder and leg, but survived. Other innocent passersby, including young children and motorists, narrowly escaped injury.

This wasn't downtown Detroit, it was Drogheda.

I see RTE reportage (unlike the torrid Independent) has returned this morning to isolate the incident from the historical stream of pride and liberation, favored at the moment over selecting "new IRA" fall guys from the menu offered by your Tory "partners". Three homes targeted in Drogheda gang feud: That is some vicious "gang." They will surely "ruin" property values. That is some surprising demonstration "organized crime". The like typically reserved by G-men to bomb the shit out of NEW! "black extremists" in America. That is some fine legacy, confess. A sovereign people that can scarcely police a border without threat of British soldiers extorting their remittances from the States are casting aspersions on the ruin of others.

Helluva nerve.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sun Apr 28th, 2019 at 03:56:39 PM EST
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