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and their crazy cousins

this.empowerment(Kezia Dugdale), LABOUR SMP

She has also spent the last two years waiting for a trial to begin after she was sued for defamation by controversial pro-independence blogger Stuart Campbell. She had accused Mr Campbell of writing "homophobic tweets" but earlier this month successfully defended the defamation case after a sheriff ruled her claim was incorrect, but was protected under fair comment.

Man with gun arrested by armed police on Leith Links near primary school

It is understood the weapon involved was a soft pellet gun, which is not classed as a firearm, though police sources said seen from a distance it would look like a gun and could alarm people.
SNP: UK government 'stalling' on replacing EU cash for communities
After failing to receive an answer to her question to the minister in the Commons last week, SNP MP Alison Thewliss has written to the Chancellor for urgent clarity on the Shared Prosperity Fund and further BREXIT funding for local government.

Ms Thewliss said: "With the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit, the Tory government's Shared Prosperity Fund remains a mystery, offering no answers on how much money Scotland will get, who will administer the funds, and what the priorities for it will be.

"Scotch-Irish" Heritage Tracker, USA: o, look. (index)
Dundee > Dundalk
Place names (toponymy) are the historical linguist's best friend. hmm, textile industry in the NEW! world. See search for old world "cotton", "fetish," and "corn" in Weinrich, Africa and the Discovery of America in the NEW! world, "plantations"; also "Beyond the Seas: Eighteenth-Century Convict Transportation and the Widening Net of Penal Sanctions"

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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