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REUTERS | Czechs protest justice appointee, fear meddling in PM's case, 29 April
President Milos Zeman will appoint Marie Benesova on Tuesday after the resignation of her predecessor, bringing opposition accusations of pressure on courts as Andrej Babis faces a potential fraud trial over European Union subsidies more than a decade ago.
counting protestors cross-country
Despite the investigation, Babis's ANO party maintains a firm poll lead after sweeping to power in a 2017 election when it won three times the votes of its nearest competitor with pledges to end politics as usual and bring a businessman's touch to governance.

Babis, the country's second richest person, has long fought accusations of conflicts of interest because of his vast business interests. He put his Agrofert business empire into trusts in 2017 to meet new Czech legislation.

What protest?
Radio Praha (EN) |Czech prime minister says efforts to bring him to court are 'political plot', 18 April

archived 2017
Reaction to Macron's Europe Speech Says Much About EU Divisions
"'He should really concentrate on France,' Czech ANO party leader Andrej Babis said in an interview."

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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