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She is looking at what it will take to maintain our current level of activities. At least her claims [1] and [3] are worth serious attention: The impact of alternative energy sources is smaller than commonly believed. Energy consumption plays a bigger role in our lives than most of us imagine. If you won't imagine anything new without seeing Laplacian causality, you won't notice anything before it is too late. Everything is moved by energy, we are just positioning ourselves in its way. Also look at water supply limits in Yemen, Syria (and even Florida).

For relevant examples of lower energy consumption, better look at the Midwest states that voted for Trump. Or Brexit voters, gilets jaunes. Critical theorists (ever unsatisfied and more demanding) will be the last to notice that causality.

Things are either going up, or down. Apparent stability usually masks a slow decline, where the goods supply is struggling to provide bread, circus and social justice. Look at the imperial Rome, with even Augustus struggling to get grains from Egypt at times. Military triumph celebrations became a rarity, and good emperors had to be great stoics.

Nature and humans developed significant anticipation mechanisms for energy flows. These causal factors are harder to notice in complex meshes of interdependent relations.

by das monde on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 at 05:24:49 AM EST
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