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Even a hawk like Yvo Daalder is squirmish about the recent escalation by Trump & Co in the region of the Persian Gulf! In an interview of Sky News where also NATO chief Stoltenberg showed uneasiness, the chance of a war by default is quite worrisome.

Yvo Daalder, a neocon and war hawk in his own right, pointed the finger to NSC chief John Bolton as the main culprit. Bolton has waited forty years for this chance to go to war with the military might of America [and brave ally NATO in slipstream] to teach the Ayatollahs a lesson for the overthrow of US - Israel proxy Shah Pahlavi in 1979. Where ally under Reagan Saddam Husseon failed in the 1980s and president Obama foiled the plan of Netanyahu's Israel in 2012, it will be Donald Trump to show the world: "I can do better."

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