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American FBI and justice perseveres until they get their man in court ... Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran always get their man, period. All four states have an authoritarian regime leading a nation through birth pangs. For the US it reverses to the scenes of the Wild West after celebrating their bicentennial.

Sentencing in Dutch court of the hired killers ... today a life sentence for gang leader Naoufal F., known as Noffel.

Netherlands Continues Trials Linked With Killing Of An Iranian Exile

During the trial, the prosecutor maintained there was no evidence connecting Iran to the "cold-blooded" murder. Nevertheless, the Dutch intelligence service said it had obtained circumstantial evidence of Tehran's involvement in killing Samadi Kolahi.

Moreover, according to the website Dutchnews.nl, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok told MPs in January that the country's AIVD secret service [partner Nine Eyes] had reason to believe Iran was involved in Motamed's murder, as well as that of Iranian opposition leader Ahmad Nissi, who was shot dead in 2017 at The Hague.

"A series of testy diplomatic exchanges followed with Iran, with embassy staff expelled by both nations," the website reported on March 29. "But the public prosecutors could find `no hard evidence' of any foreign involvement in the Motamed court case."

Motamed was married to an Afghan woman, and they have a 20-year-old son.

Samadi Kolahi was believed to be a prominent member of the Iranian dissident group Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO). He reportedly joined MKO after the downfall of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the establishment of the so-called Islamic Republic in February 1979, initially serving as an agent of the new regime's notorious Komiteh, a squad that terrorized officials affiliated with the previous system.

Later, MKO clandestinely paved the way for Samai Kolahi to infiltrate the ruling Islamic Republic Party, serving first as a manager of sound and audio systems but quickly rising through the party ranks.

On the day of the deadly attack, Samadi Kolahi reportedly carried a bomb hidden in his briefcase into the party's headquarters in the heart of Tehran, where almost all of the party's top officials were gathered at the time. Samadi Kolahi left minutes before the bomb went off, and after hiding for a time in an MKO safe house, fled Iran through its western border with Iraq and made his way to Europe.

He was sentenced to death in absentia by Iran.

After 35 Years, Iran Liquidates MKO Terrorist near Amsterdam

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