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Corbyn's mission is to change the UK and Labour, despite the massive resistance within his own party, capital interests and the media. To do that he needs first and foremost to hang on as Labour leader, and then win a general election. Unless a bad result in the EP election causes him to fall as a party leader or fail to win the next general election, he hasn't failed the test.

Also the poll where Labour got 15% isn't showing much of a decline, as the same pollster has had them at 16% in their last two polls. Said pollster - Yougov - has a history of massaging their numbers and presenting different numbers to different audience. They also have an inherently flawed method in their self-recruiting web panels. In short a shady web-poll, clad in the imagery of a proper pollster.

by fjallstrom on Sun May 19th, 2019 at 11:44:22 AM EST

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