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The soft Brexit option would have been the sensible compromise but for whatever reason that boat has sailed. Within the process, Labour could have declared itself as the Remain party, representing the interests of the Remain voters during Brexit. Since Brexit is a Tory idea/project/conniption and Labour voters/supporters/members are mostly Remain, it would have been an elegant way to translate the referendum result into parliamentary action. While mostly avoiding the blame for the inevitable consequences of Brexit. But it was not to be. Hindsight...

As for Corbyn's ambitions, I understand that because of the rise of the SNP (and according Labour losses in Scotland) it's virtually impossible for Labour to get a majority in parliament without some kind of center appeal. SNP and especially LD would be wary to enter a coalition compromising themselves with Brexit unless there is a second ref. The UKChange&whatnot nine day wonders (what are they called now?) are a non-factor.

Meanwhile, the Faragists will always be around. Obviously more if Brexit doesnt go ahead. But they will always have something to complain about. Which is what they really want. The 10-15% sediment is a permanent feature. And also the Brexit division in society. That stupid talk of 'healing' and 'uniting' the country or even parties like the Tories or Labour is not helpful. So go on with Brexit, preferably soft. But it will take a generation and a lot of natural personnel change to make England normal again.

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Sun May 19th, 2019 at 12:55:02 PM EST

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