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Criticising Lib Dems for being Lib Dems and trying to maximise their vote by hoovering up disgruntled Remainers is hardly a valid criticism. If Corbyn wanted to go after Remainer votes, he knows what he has to do - unequivocally support a second referendum.

The Lib Dems are essentially a status quo party but Labour's change agenda - such as it is - is being drowned out by the Brexit issue which currently Trumps all else. With the Tories also likely to go radical no deal Brexit under a new leader, there may actually be a huge opportunity for a status quo centre ground party to replace either Labour or the Tories in the Westminster duopoly, just as the Brexit Party threatens to do to the Tories.

Corbyn has been absolutely consistent - he wants a general election and may very well get one if Boris fails to muster a Commons majority. If the Brexit party is more successful at splitting the right wing vote than the Lib Dems are at pealing off Labour supporters, then Corbyn will win that one if he promises a second referendum on any new BREXIT deal which Labour manages to negotiate. The SNP could help him make up the numbers...

He can then claim a democratic mandate for whatever the electorate decides and get on with implementing the rest of Labours anti-austerity programme.  In this scenario, the EP elections are little more than a glorified  opinion poll with the potential to almost destroy the Tories. Farage will crow that he is the next prime Minister in waiting and hard Brexiteers could desert the Tories in a general election as well.

Lots of ifs and buts, and very risky. I think he should have taken the EP elections much more seriously and offered a second referendum now. But its probably too late to make that offer now and he will just have to take a Brexit party win on the chin. The latest opinion polls put him way out in front of the Lib Dems and within striking distance of the Brexit party in any case...

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