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No. As I understand it the election of a new Tory leader and of a new PM are entirely separate and distinct events with different electorates for each.

Under current rules Tory MP's whittle down the list of contenders to two, and these last two are then voted on by the party membership to determine the new Tory leader.

That leader then seeks to win election as PM where the electorate is the whole house of Commons. The new Tory leader doesn't simply inherit the office of Prime Minister from his predecessor as Tory leader. Theresa May remains acting PM until a successor IS elected.

If no one can win a majority of the House of Commons, a general election is probably the only way to resolve the impasse, although it is possible for the Tory leadership to nominate someone else for the office of PM and that person can become PM if they can persuade the Queen asks him/her to form a government and they win a vote in the House of Commons.

Given the egos involved, that is most unlikely to happen.

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