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That would be a matter of judgement for the Opposition. If they think they're in with a chance of victory, if they want to clear up who really supports the government, then they could go with the no-confidence motion immediately. Logically, it's what would happen if the Gov majority was apparently flimsy.

For this reason, there are "consultations" before the monarch calls a person to the Palace to ask them to form a government. It has to be shown that the proposed PM can really command a majority, even as slim as May's. In other words, if May hadn't negotiated with the DUP (even for just "confidence and supply"), she wouldn't have been appointed.

If Parliament is well and truly hung, there will have to be another election.

That's the best of my understanding, taking into account that the UK constitution is largely a matter of convention, not of written rules.

I used to be afew. I'm still not many.

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