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There's a lot of questions in there.

Corbyn's usp is that he he is truthful, more than most politicians his word is his bond. He said at the outset that he would respect the democratic decision of the British people in the referendum by and he has stuck to his guns.

Yes, the referendum was stupid, not just in terms of the inane question or how corrupted it was, but because it was trying to fix a schism that existed more in the Tory party than in the country. Yet, rather than healing the wound, the referendum has metastisized this scratch into a chasm that runs right down the country.

However, for many of the people, whichever way they voted, this is now a settled result and they have expected the politicians to deliver.

Whatever the propaganda from the Tories and the media, Corbyn has kept his faith with those people. He has NOT betrayed them.

However, that was then. This is now. You are exactly right that there is no longer a significant Labour Leave/Remain coalition to appease. The last two years have fractured any pretence that these two blocs can have anything in common until the EU question is settled.

As for the referendum, I agree with Another Angry Voice that until the conditions that created the leave vote are fixed, another go-round is as idiotic a risk as the first one.

    And for the last year or so they've been utterly fixated on the idea of re-running the EU referendum despite absolutely no reforms to properly punish electoral cheats and liars, no new regulations for online social media dark ads, and no real outreach to left-behind communities to explain that it was Tory austerity fanaticism that trashed their wages, living standards, and communities since 2010, not immigrants and the EU (with absolutely no acknowledgement of the fact that losing another roll of the dice with the Tories still in power would create an inescapable double-mandate for ruinous hard-right economy-tanking, chaos-causing, job-destroying Tory administered Brexit farce).

An awful lot of people in the liberal media are so economically insulated from real world issues (wage repression in-work benefit cuts, sanctions, workfare, disability denial, child poverty, public service cuts, the housing crisis, exploitative employment practices, food banks ...) that they simply can't grasp what's actually going on in the UK, why people are so angry, and why "more of the same" just won't cut it any more.

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by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Sat May 18th, 2019 at 05:12:56 PM EST

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