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ADAMSITE (DM) : Vomiting Agent | CDC |
U.S. soldiers are treated for exposure to DM (Adamsite) candle gas during training
Military Chemical Warfare Agent Human Subjects Testing

Arsenic-Based Warfare Agents: Production, Use, and Destruction

Diphenylchlorarsine (British Code, DA; German Code, Clark I), diphenylcyanoarsine (British Code, DC; German Code, Clark II), and diphenylaminearsine (common name, Adamsite; British Code, DM) typically belong to vomiting agents that are toxic through inhalation, ingestion, and skin contact. Exposure to aerosolized agents results in ophthalmic and pulmonary irritation which progresses to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, headache and mental status changes. Symptoms usually persist for several hours after exposure. Death has been reported with excessive exposure (Holstege, 2010). During combat, agents are dispersed as an aerosol that irritates the eyes and respiratory tract.

M device air dropped by the British during the incursions at Murmansk and Archangel in 1919

The War Gases by Dr. Mario Sartori (1939)

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