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Once upon a time it was the Democrats and Labour that did their infighting in public (the Democrats most memorably and damagingly at the 1968 Chicago Convention, a fiasco that contributed just as much as George Wallace's Second Secession to Nixon's election that year).  Tories and Republicans did their infighting behind closed doors, then came out and presented a united front to the public.  Those days are long gone for both the Rethuglicans and the Tories, and while no one has matched Der Drumpfenfuehrer's malignant shit-slinging, there can be no doubt Boor-ass will give it the old college try.  And anyone who buys said shit-slinging deserves the government they get.  The thing is, the rest of us don't.  Nevertheless, for the health and safety of everyone, I think it's necessary to give the New Tories however much rope they need to hang themselves.  It's the only chance we have left of disposing of the neolibs and their MSM lapdogs, not to mention exposing the 30% of the population so smitten by said shit-slinging that they really need to take up permanent residence in rubber rooms.
by rifek on Mon May 27th, 2019 at 02:37:47 AM EST

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