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Everyone is so down on Theresa May at the moment I thought I would go a bit counter cultural and focus not on her (rather obvious) shortcomings but on the almost impossible position she allowed herself to be put in and the role she played in a drama also dictated by others.

It seems to me that putting all the blame on May is a way for others in the Tory party to absolve themselves.

Bad an all as May is, she is surrounded by a horde of complete idiots, imbeciles, nincompoops, and emotional retards.

I have also been surprised at the degree to which quite progressive female friends of mine have been prepared to excuse her performance on the grounds that she was surrounded by even worse...

Personally I try to avoid personality based political analysis unless absolutely unavoidable. However in this case many British delusions about the EU, Brexit and the UK's place in the world are so all consuming it is hard to place all the blame on one person.

Yes, she chose to go for the job, and was as deluded as others. But let's see how much things "improve" under another leader, and even under Corbyn I wouldn't hold out too much hope...

There is a need for a generational, class and cultural shift in UK politics, and merely moving the deckchairs on the Titanic isn't going to change much.

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