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What we didn't see is a strong increase in participation, even though it has been stylized as a proxy referendum. What is the age profile of the Brexit voter? Around the average Tory party member? How many loyal Labour members set the election out? Will anything remain of the LibDem surge in a general election? What I read from this result is "do whatever" about Brexit.

by generic on Mon May 27th, 2019 at 07:44:01 PM EST
I agree the turnout was disappointing, but with the Conservatives and (to a lesser extent) Labour in turmoil and riven with divisions, may of their supporters could have sat this one out. On a purely practical level, many voters might have thought there wasn't much point in voting for MEPs who would only have seats for a few months. Anyone who didn't have strong views on Brexit, one way or the other, had little incentive to vote.  In that context, an increase in overall turnout is not a particularly bad outcome, although I think it a pity the increase wasn't greater.

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