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Noa Pothoven is believed to have refused to eat and there is no evidence of assisted death

A severely ill Dutch girl widely reported by international media as having been "legally euthanised" in a clinic in the Netherlands died at home, apparently after voluntarily refusing to eat or drink and with no evidence that her death was assisted.

Noa Pothoven, 17, who for several years had been treated in multiple institutions for severe depression and anorexia, and had made previous attempts to kill herself, died at her parents' home in Arnhem on 2 June, local media reported.

Media organisations from Australia to Britain and the US to India reported it as a case of "legal euthanasia" performed by a Dutch "end-of-life clinic", and Noa's name was trending on social media on Wednesday in countries including Italy, where the story was front-page news.

Media misreport Dutch teen Noa Pothoven's death as euthanasia | DW |

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