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Swedish Sex Pistol [?!] Aimed at Assange

If, per the Guardian, the UK really has the ethical obligation [?!] to defend Assange from US prosecution, then it must carry that defense through any process of extradition to Sweden. And it can. The Swedish Prosecutorial Authority tells us so:
Once the British authorities enforce the UK Supreme Court's decision to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden, Sweden is bound by the so-called "Doctrine of Speciality" which means that Sweden cannot extradite him further to a third country, for example the USA, without permission [?!] from the UK. This means that Julian Assange would be in the same position in Sweden as he would be in the UK with regard to further extradition to a third country.
Did you know [?!] about this rather significant point of law, which is publicly posted on the internet? Did the 70+ British MPs, and the entire editorial staff of the Guardian and of liberal politicians and media organizations crying for extradition to Sweden not know about this? Or did they just ignore it? Which is more damning?

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