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The Greens' Ciaran Cuffe topped the poll in Dublin, with former Tánaiste (deputy Prime Minister) and Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald (FG, EPP) coming in second. Clare Daly of the left-wing Independents4Change group won the third automatic seat with Barry Andrews (FF, ALDE) taking a fourth seat if/when Brexit happens - scroll across to count 16 in linked election table.

Incumbent Lynn Boylan (Sinn Fein) lost out in fifth place, and Irexit candidate, Hermann Kelly, got all of 2,441 votes or 0.67% of the vote. Regular readers here will recall that the Spectator's Correspondent, John Waters, had predicted that "Had an Irexit-promoting party contested the 2011 election it would have swept the board" to which I responded in an unpublished letter to the Editor of the Spectator "Let's see how his Irexit candidate, Hermann Kelly, does in the European Parliament elections in Dublin next month. I would be very surprised if he exceeded 5% of the vote. Hardly "sweeping the board".

As usual, I was being too kind...

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