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Well, if we're going meta....

The first great flowering of the blogos, shall we say 2002 - 2009 coincided with the growth of the internet and a certain naive idealism about how it might change things.

With the election of Obama for many liberals in the US it felt like "job done, whilst in Europe we were watching the collapse and failure of what Blair called "muscular liberalism" across the neoconservative left. All across europe governments turned to the right; especially after the crash.

Once we had money and leisure, now we are broke and seek distractions. Worse, hope that the connected generations might effect change has evaporated. The blogs didn't change anything. Occupy, which was a smarter version of the disobedience of Seattle, tried but failed.

Now we're on mkIII with Extinction Rebellion, a week long TED Talk. If it's making any real difference I'm not seeing it.

So, now ET is, along with dKos that last survivor of the Great Flowering. dKos found a purpose, but its every new iteration takes it closer and closer to being simply a new semi-official organisation within the Democratic Party. It has a usp in that it is quite devolved and more meritocratic, but I would be curious to see how that evolves in the next decade.

But ET never did find a purpose. Beyond boosting wind energy as an unofficial guerilla advertising campaign for Green Giraffe. And we have struggled with that.

We never got to grips with the EU as an entity either. We lacked expertise.

Do we have future? Of course. As long as there are a few people willing to talk intelligently about things. But I know I've been burned by brexit. I cannot imagine what it is like in the US, to actually really care about US politics. Because, FSM knows, I look at the UK and feel like it is burning down around me and I worry that a greater part of me thinks it's probably for the best.

keep to the Fen Causeway

by Helen (lareinagal at yahoo dot co dot uk) on Wed May 8th, 2019 at 08:47:59 PM EST

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