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States seek explicit patient consent for pelvic exams
"It's pretty empowering to know this is something you can detect with a gloved hand instead of needing an MRI [!] or some more expensive procedure," [Dr. Savanah] Harshbarger said.
Utah's governor signed a pelvic exam consent bill into law earlier this year. A bill in New York passed the state Senate this week and is headed to the governor, and the Maryland Legislature unanimously sent legislation to Gov. Larry Hogan, who is expected to sign it. Maryland state Delegate Heather Bagnall said the state's teaching hospitals have informed consent as a best practice, but she felt it needed to be made explicit in state law to protect women undergoing surgery and as an assurance for medical students.
If an informed consent requirement becomes law, [NY Democratic state Sen. Roxanne] Persaud said, "It'll be a victory for women."
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