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2017: It's clear to me that this writer's contempt for 45 was passionate and shrouded in fable. I wonder if she's satisfied today "now that the Democrats are in control of the House". I'm thinking of Gabor Mate and also Sema Hernandez, progressive ingenue, recently show-cased by Jimmy Dore. I'm thinking of the sophist Jeff Toobin Esq.
So, after nearly two and a half centuries, Trump will create a new [?] constitutional norm--in which the executive can defy the legislature without consequence. The only likely remedy, therefore, will lie with the voters, next year.
As I read, there are far too many people rehearsing elevator pitches and waving permission slips at their "media" reflections.

US government and its rude, faux frontier nobility have from time to time embraced "dictators" since the inception of their republic. I wonder idly, what children learn in elementary school. Have teachers left off the cherry tree and graceful retirement of His Excellency Geo. Washington from the catechism of model American democracy? I would guess so, considering that "constitutional crisis" case load per term has increased from 1,195 in 1950 to 7,000-8,000 in the 21st century, yet this year, this president, this congress is supposedly different.


I count three. John Adams, FDR, GWB. I wouldn't count Trump and his asinine humor, because I pretty certain  Trump has not ushered any legal, or "legitimate," authority into the office that has not already been delegated to his predecessors by the US Congress. But I might be persuade by the four "red scares" that I've counted. Two coincide with "dictator" administrations --his and FDR's. To the administrations of Adams, FDR, and GWH we must admit, however, the most alarming marriage of ideal "national security" privileges and whichever, spectacularly undesirable "aliens" available to each. Sadly, jewish refugees were far down christ Roosevelt's list of "collateral damage", Ms Benincasa.

Again, authority was delegated to the office and endorsed by the US Congress. That's the group of people who cannot be shifted either to review, repeal, or replace their "institutional knowledge," much less overide a presidential veto. That is the group of "representatives," for whom voters take no responsibility. For that would surely, poorly reflect the values of the nation whose civic duty, "turn out," is reduced to one ballot every four years.

"He's doing our work for us, in a certain respect," said the speaker of the House.

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Sun May 12th, 2019 at 09:37:00 PM EST
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