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"Letter from a Birmingham Jail"
AL Senate: 8 (D) of which 4 (F), 27 (R) of which 0 (F)
"a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion in Alabama. The vote was 25-6.
wut: Malika Sanders-Fortier, D-Selma, abstained."

"sold down the river", illustrated
Alabama's Gruesome Prisons: Report Finds Rape and Murder at All Hours, 3 April
"The investigation began in the waning days of the Obama administration and continued for more than two years after Mr. Trump took office."
DOJ | Ivestigation of Alabama's State Prisons for Men, report
Investigation finds Alabama prison conditions are "unconstitutional", 15 May
"A Justice Department investigation found conditions in Alabama's prisons violate the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution"
Prison Policy Initiative | Alabama profile
46,000 (2018)
ACLU | Smart Justice [?]
28,296 (2018)

U.S. states by incarceration and correctional supervision rate, (2016)

World Prison Brief
World Prison Brief
publications, by subject

archived crackers
coup de grâce
Sessions' firing is 'blatant attempt' to end Russia probe: Pelosi

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

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